Thank you for your subscription to PS STYLED
AND for your commitment to supporting small business!


For the months of May, June and July, PS STYLED will be donating 100% of our subscription revenue to eligible small business retailers, non-profits OR salon of your choice. For your $10 subscription you will have instant access to the first issue of PS STYLED, your own Virtual Style Closet, and new digital content, articles and issues each month!

You can select ONE salon/stylist, eligible boutique OR eligible non-profit to support and receive your $10 donation.
Please do not select all three categories.
While we would love to open it up to all area businesses, we are limiting the boutique retailers and non-profits to those
we have partnered with in the past year to make the most donation impact. Thank you for your support!

Please select ONE of the following categories (salon, boutique OR non-profits),

do not select all three. They will receive your $10 subscription for May, June & July.

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